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CIDC Mission

The CIDC has moved beyond its crime and grime objectives without losing these twin elements as building blocks.

The CIDC’s vision, as articulated in 2009 by its Urban Management Consultant, Peter de Tolly, is to: “Make Claremont CBD the top mixed-use centre in the metropolitan area by capitalizing upon, and enhancing, its compact, heterogeneous and permeable nature and its multi-modal accessibility, thereby ensuring the creation of a high-quality urban environment that is an attractive place to work, shop, play and live for all stakeholders”.


Our Vision

The CIDC’s Vision seeks to make Claremont CBD the top mixed-use centre in the metropolitan area for all stakeholders. This is profound as it gives the CIDC an ethical base from which to operate. It requires the alignment of property owners’ economically-driven needs with broader social and environmental needs. The CIDC has had two main emphases since 2000. Improving the management of the CBD by focusing on crime, grime and social issues, and upgrading the physical environment, by improving accessibility to the area and mobility within it (the Taxi and Bus Interchanges and the Claremont Boulevard), and the physical appearance and amenity of the area; i.e. making it a place (the place!) to go to.

These initiatives have to continue, but they now need to be expanded so that the Vision of the CIDC can be fully realized. The process of growth management is ongoing, involving not just the CIDC and the City but the multitude of other stakeholders. The CIDC has developed a good foundation from which to move forward, it just needs to maintain the momentum.

A number of significant investments by both the private and public sectors in the Claremont business district have ensured that Claremont’s development objectives are significantly met and has ensured the Claremont CBD is a major retail and commercial investments hub within the wider metropole.

Board Members

A dedicated and long-serving team of board members ensure that the CIDC continues to deliver on its mandate of “Making Claremont a better place for all,” focussing on the core pillars of Security, Cleaning and Social Outreach.


BA, CA (Scot), CA (SA)
Growthpoint Properties Limited (Regional Head – Cape Town )

  • Based in Claremont, David is Western Cape Regional Head of Growthpoint Properties Ltd.
  • He is a Chartered Accountant and has over 20 years experience in the South African property industry.
  • Prior to joining Growthpoint in 2007, he was formerly Regional Head of Investec Property Group in Cape Town.
  • Married with 2 boys, he enjoys watching most sports on TV, particularly soccer, and  on occasion, enjoys a social game of squash & golf.



Growthpoint Properties Regional Office – Cape Town

  • Been in the property management industry for 22 years.
  • Joined Growthpoint in 2012 and currently a Portfolio Manager.
  • Board member of the Women’s Property Network since 2019.
  • Serves as a Trustee on various Commercial Body Corporates.
  • Passionate about youth development specifically in the sporting community.


Bio to follow 


Bio to follow


  • Gavin has extensive commercial, industrial and retail property management experience, spanning nearly three decades.


Mike is a long term property investor and developer with a significant holding of property in the Claremont area.

Mikes property company, New Property Ventures, is based in Claremont where his Management Team manage the company’s commercial  properties currently valued at over R1bn.

Mike’s other great passions are mountain climbing and biking.


Bio to follow

Contact: info@cidc.co.za

CIDC Staff

The CIDC is fortunate to have a truly dedicated team of long-serving staff members who amongst them have many years of CIDC experience, enabling them to deliver on the CIDC mandate and vision of “Making Claremont a better place for all.”


Abdul Kerbelker is the Executive Manager of the Claremont Improvement District Company (CIDC), a section 21 company that focuses on the development of the Claremont CBD,

through the management of the urban space. The CIDC through its services of security, cleansing, social outreach and marketing, in partnership with local government, aims to lay the platform for the urban space to become the nexus for economic and social development. (www.cidc.co.za).

Abdul has over 10 years experience in the Urban Management and development arena, initially with the Cape Town Partnership, through the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID), where he delivered a very successful recycling project as well as being instrumental in facilitating the delivery of formal retail structures to informal traders in Adderley Street.

His time at the Claremont Improvement District has seen him oversee the development of an innovative social development partnership in the Claremont area with U-turn, The Haven Night Shelters and Straatwerk an innovative job creation scheme for the homeless.

Abdul is hoping to extend the pedestrian footprint in the Claremont area through strategic interventions in the main road and side streets of Claremont, as well as extend the footprint of the parking marshals in Claremont in partnership with the City of Cape Town.


Karen Bailey, Admin Manager and Personal Assistant to CIDC Executive Manager, Abdul Kerbelker, has been employed at the CIDC since September 2006.

She fulfils a dual function as PA and Admin Manager, offering support to the CIDC’s various departments and is also responsible for arranging all CIDC events.


Bio to follow.


CIDC Cleansing Manager, Eric Mtyali, started his employment contract with Orbis Security Solutions (now Securitas) as a Security Officer for the Claremont Improvement District. After eight months in this position, he was promoted to Inspector of the CIDC.

A further promotion in August 2011, marked his appointment as Cleansing Manager, tasked with the responsibility of managing and overseeing a cleaning team of 17 cleaners within the Claremont precinct, as well as urban management of the public space.



Theodore Ahrends started working for the CIDC in 2007 as a Grade B Security Officer for Orbis Security Solutions, service provider to the Claremont Improvement District Company. In 2010 he was given the opportunity to work as a social field…worker for Orbis Security (now Securitas) under the contract for the CIDC. It was a challenge for him as it was a totally different role working with homeless people and trying to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable.

He has now been working in this capacity for three years and has had to deal with many different types of people within the Claremont CBD in his role as fieldworker, including hardcore criminals, vulnerable displaced people and the mentally disturbed.


Carmen Bosman, CIDC Social fieldworker, started at the CIDC in November 2009. Together with her fellow fieldworker, Theo Ahrends, she has experienced a lot over the last few years dealing with homeless people. “I have grown within the CIDC… learning that homeless people are also human beings with a different history who are deserving of being treated with dignity and respect.”

She has assisted in relocating and reuniting many homeless with their families, assisted a Security officer in delivering a baby and also by taking homeless to hospital for medical assessments. Says Carmen of her role: “I have gained so much in working with street people in the Claremont area. Relocations are always so rewarding for me especially when they return to their families. Also, working with the different role-players has given me insight into their line of work.”

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For complaints within the Claremont CBD, please follow the Complaints Process outlined in the document link below:

Complaints Process