CIDC Cares

The CIDC’s Social Development department focuses on assisting homeless people in the Claremont CBD, as well as alleviating poverty by supporting skills training and job creation projects. It works in partnership with NGOs and other stakeholders.

The CIDC has  formed partnerships with the following organizations to assist them in the Claremont CBD:

  • Straatwerk – an NGO that employs previously homeless people and assists them in rebuilding their lives, on a daily basis. They are used for special projects such as graffiti removal, removal of posters, drain cleaning and any other cleaning projects.
  • The Haven  which runs a  shelter  for homeless people and children in the Claremont area, as well as providing a soup kitchen.
  • U turn who in addition to running interventions like second hand clothing for the homeless, have a successful voucher programme. This enables members of the public to give responsibly, by purchasing a voucher from any number of outlets in the Claremont area and giving it to the homeless. The voucher enables the homeless to redeem any number of services from U-turn including food and clothing.

The aged being entertained on Sunclare Square during the CIDC's annual Grandparents teaThe aged being entertained on Sunclare Square during the CIDC’s annual Grandparents tea


The CIDC Social Department has  developed a holistic strategy focusing on four main areas of intervention:


By building relationships of trust with people on the street, the CIDC succeeded in partnering with existing NGOs in the Claremont area, allowing the destitute  adults and children to find comfort in places of safety.


The CIDC successfully reunited 3 out of  the 40 adult homeless people, who call Claremont home,  back with their families in 2009.

Job creation

Job-creation projects in partnership with business and NGOs enjoy high priority. So far two successful job creation projects in the fields of cleansing and removal of graffiti, have been initiated with Straatwerk.

Channeling donations

The CIDC uses its role as facilitator to link sponsors looking for a worthy cause, with the right beneficiaries. As a result of its many partnerships, many businesses send clothing and food supplies to the CIDC, which then channels these donations to NGOs in the area and directly to people in need.

The CIDC has shown that by working with social partners, much can be achieved with limited resources. The CIDC has demonstrated that business can and should be involved in meeting the needs of poor and homeless people living on the streets of  Claremont.

Feel free to donate money, food or clothing, please contribute to a registered organization. The following NGOs operate in the Claremont precinct:

  1. The Haven – Adult homeless (021)  671 4209
  2. U- Turn – Youth and adult homeless (021) 683 4948