Safety and Security

The CIDC security in partnership with the South African Police Services, Law Enforcement, Securitas, its dedicated service provider, as well as other security organisations and stakeholders, have formed a tight security net around Claremont CBD.

Owing to this effort, the crime rate has dropped significantly and many crime  incidents are prevented from happening. The valuable complementary services provided by the CIDC security officers are being deployed in the Claremont CBD 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Safety and Security measures include:

  • Visible policing
  • Regulation of informal trading
  • Event security
  • Security forums

Currently, the CIDC security component on the streets of Claremont consists of:

  • 1 dedicated CIDC security manager
  • 4 Shift supervisors
  • 3 Control room officers
  • 3 mobile assistants per shift
  • 21 foot officers

The CIDC has various crime prevention initiatives that have begun to yield dividends. With the SAPS we have identified crime hot spots. We have distributed safety pamphlets and cards to the public and ensure that the channels of communication between our stakeholders and the CIDC remain open.

Attendees of the CIDC Security Forum

Attendees of the CIDC Security Forum

Sector Policing

Sector policing allows community members to communicate with a dedicated person who coordinates all crime-related issues in defined area. Improved communication within this network results in problems being solved quickly and effectively.

Sector policing originated with the South African Police Services dividing their area of responsibility into smaller, more manageable precincts, with a designated manager for each area. Huge community involvement in solving crime-related  problems and issues is the key to success. Communities and property owners are alert for any suspicious behavior in their areas, which they channel to a dedicated person who can react immediately. Better communication is established in this way and crimes are solved quickly and effectively.

Weekly Crime Tasking Meetings, as well as a monthly forum meeting and also meetings with the Claremont Public Transport Interchange (PTI) and Metrorail are held on a regular basis. The CIDC, with its partner the SAPS, invite Stakeholders from the area, to inform them about crime trends, hot spots and tendencies. They are then advised on how to combat these. This valuable system also addresses social and other urban issues.

The SAPS manager for the Claremont sector is Sergeant Dubeni, who is contactable on on 079 894 1568.