Executive Manager: Abdul Kerbelker

From the desk of Abdul Kerbelker: CIDC Executive Manager - CIDC

  • Abdul Kerbelker (44years) is the Executive Manager of the Claremont Improvement District Company (CIDC), a section 21 company that focuses on the development of the Claremont CBD, through the management of the urban space. The CIDC through its services of security, cleansing, social outreach and marketing, in partnership with local government, aims to lay the platform for the urban space to become the nexus for economic and social development. (www.cidc.co.za).
  • Abdul has over 10 years experience in the Urban Management and development arena, initially with the Cape Town Partnership, through the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID), where he delivered a very successful recycling project as well as being instrumental in facilitating the delivery of formal retail structures to informal traders in Adderley Street.
  • His time at the Claremont Improvement District has seen him oversee the development of an innovative social development partnership in the Claremont area with U-turn, The Haven Night Shelters and Straatwerk an innovative job creation scheme for the homeless.
  • Abdul is hoping to extend the pedestrian footprint in the Claremont area through strategic interventions in the main road and side streets of Claremont, as well as extend the footprint of the parking marshals in Claremont in partnership with the City of Cape Town.