Alert CIDC officer thwarts burglar’s escape

Earlier this week at 21:50 in the evening, CIDC Security Officer Mzekwana called for back-up via the CIDC’s radio communication.
He reported a male running from Draper Street towards Claremont Main Road.
CIDC Officers responded to the call for assistance and gave chase after the suspect who they managed to catch at Mosque Lane.
The suspect was searched and items including a Nike bag with laptop, two cellphones, Wi-Fi dongle, sunglasses and a camera were found in the suspect’s possession.
The suspect was taken back to the the residential flat he was running away from.
Claremont SAPS was contacted and it was established that the goods were stolen from a tenant of the residential flat.
The suspect was arrested by the SAPS.
Thank you to CIDC Patrol Officer Mzekwana for acting swiftly enough to ensure that the suspect was apprehended.

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