New specialised vehicles to rev up cleanliness in the city

The City of Cape Town has recently received a new grab truck and a new compactor for use in clearing illegal dumping and dealing with litter around hotspot areas.

The City of Cape Town’s Urban Waste Management Directorate is happy to inform residents that cleansing operations city-wide have been boosted by the delivery of two new vehicles. This will speed up the rate at which illegal dump sites can be cleared and increase efficiency of litter picking services in hotspot areas.

Vehicles are valued at:

• Grab truck for clearing illegal dump sites – R2,2 million

• Compactor for use in City cleansing – R2,4 million


These vehicles are only two of 69 vehicles on order to improve service delivery and general cleanliness throughout the city. Delivery of a further 51 specialised vehicles for various purposes within Urban Waste Management is expected this financial year before July 2022.

The total value of vehicles procured this year is approximately R187,5 million. ‘The City has significantly stepped up the resources assigned to keeping Cape Town clean with introducing the Rapid Response Programme.

With the support of the National Government, budgets for clearing of illegal dumping have been effectively increased by 200% from the start of the 2021/22 financial year. We recognise that many communities have become used to informal/illegal dump sites in their area.

With an injection of extra resources, the City hopes to show communities the benefits of living in an environment free of dumping.’ said Alderman Grant Twigg Read more:

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