Board member: Paul Williamson



Service Co-ordinator Business Areas Management (Economic Development City of Cape Town)

  • The late nineteen-nineties saw the beginning of an ongoing conversation between business people – formal and informal –and the City of Cape Town, which gave rise to the establishment of the Business Area Management (BAM) branch, which forms part of the Economic Development Department.
  • In the words of Business Areas Management Service Co-ordinator Paul Williamson, the Head of BAM, he says that BAM deals with “coordination of City services, problem solving in the various business districts, crime and grime, informal and formal trading, establishment of business forums and engaging with safety and security forums.”
  • Paul started his career with the City in 1978, in the Parks and Forests Department. From there, he moved on to the Town Clerk’s Department, working in the Committee Secretariat working in a number of committees, dealing with city officials, politicians and the general public. He has been heading up BAM since its inception in 1999.