CIDC Control Room Operator’s swift action applauded

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On 28 March at approximately 13h15 an Inspector of Golden Arrow Bus services called the CIDC Control room, reporting that an elderly male had fallen from a bench at the bus terminus. Around his neck was a chain which read “Diabetic & Hypertension age 76 years”. C/R Mkiva immediately called for an ambulance.

CIDC Security Deputy Manager, Ayanda Yeko and Social Fieldworker,Carmen Bosman,assessed the man at the bus terminus and confirmed that he suffers from diabetes. He had not eaten anything that day and was, therefore, unable to take his insulin. It was reported that the fall resulted in him knocking his head to the ground. Within half an hour an ambulance arrived and he was taken to Groote Schuur Hospital for further assessment.

We commend Ms Mkiva for her swift action!

CIDC Control Room Operator, Ntombekwaya Mkiva pictured below.

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