Claremont and Cavendish bid farewell to Brenda Bibby

Brenda Bibby, a figure well known to Claremont stakeholders and at the helm of Cavendish Square as Centre Manager for twelve years, recently bid farewell to the CBD and the shopping centre she was so closely involved with for many years.

Bibby, who started her career with Old Mutual Property in 1994, joined Cavendish Square in January 2006 until her departure in mid-June this year to assume the position of General Manager at Liberty Promenade in Mitchell’s Plain.

“Over the years,” Bibby remarks, “Claremont evolved into a vibrant and energetic node where people live, work, dine, shop and have fun. We witnessed a vibrant commercial and residential regeneration of the area and it is rewarding to look back, knowing that I was part of that progression and evolution.”

Bibby cites the wonderful relationships she developed with her team, tenants, shoppers and various stakeholders as the highlight of this 12 year office. “I am proud that I was part of the expansion of the Cavendish Node in 2006 – what an amazing journey that was!” Cavendish Square and The Link were initially separate buildings and following a revamp, it advanced into a more synergized building, with a greater and more diverse offering for shoppers. She adds: “It was always a great achievement when we received both national and international awards and recognition for conceptualizing exceptional marketing campaigns and events”.

Bibby joined the CIDC Board in 2001 while managing the Old Mutual office blocks in Claremont. According to Bibby, the CIDC has played a vital role in the regeneration of the precinct, working hard to fight against crime, grime and homelessness. “I am proud of our collaboration and partnership and would like to thank the CIDC for their support during my tenure on the Board and for allowing Claremont, its retailers and residents to have a voice.”

Bibby wishes the new Centre Management team well in their future goals and believes that they will continue to build on the foundations and partnerships that have been established over the years.

Abdul Kerbelker, CIDC Executive Manager, expressed his gratitude to Bibby for her valuable contribution to the CIDC Board, saying that her concern extended beyond the boundaries of Cavendish to a broader vision of Claremont as a cleaner and safer place for all.

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