CIDC Secuity Officer thwarts bag snatcher

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On Sunday,30 August close to 15h00, Security Officer Makwane who was posted at the corner of Protea Road and Main Road at the Campground Intersection, spotted a male running towards him from the direction of Protea Road and crossing over in the direction of Campground Bridge. Another man, in hot pursuit, was also running in the same direction. He informed S/O Makwane that the guy running ahead had snatched his bag.

Security Officer Makwane immediately gave chase and the the suspect, under pressure from the chase, dropped the bag he had snatched and continued running.

Although Security Officer Makwane did not manage to catch the suspect, he did manage to successfully reunite the bag and its contents with the man who had been victim of the bag snatch.

Well done on your sterling work, Officer Makwane! The CIDC is proud to have you on its team.

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