Wallet theft suspect chased down

This past Sunday at 14h56, a young male was begging in front of Pick ‘n Pay on Main Road, Claremont. A concerned member of the public took out his wallet and gave the beggar R15.00. The young man saw that his benefactor had more money in his wallet, grabbed it and started running.

A CIDC Security Officer saw what was happening and gave chase. The CIDC Officer was assisted by two Pick ‘n Pay Security Officers and the suspect was apprehended and brought back to the store. The suspect apologised and handed back the wallet to the public member who did not want to press charges with the SAPS. The suspect was released and moved out of the area.

In the Claremont community there are always those who are willing to give and help whenever and however they can. This is an exceptional quality to have. However, the CIDC encourages individuals who want to do good to give responsibly by donating to organisations such as U-Turn or The Haven. Vouchers may be purchased from both organisations which allows a homeless person a hot meal, items of clothing or a warm shower.

Please practise caution and give responsibly.


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